4 common LASIK myths debunked

Do you want to see the world with your own eyes, without the hassles of wearing your glasses or contacts at all times? LASIK eye surgery is the ideal solution for you. However, despite its success rate, LASIK is shrouded in some myths.

Here are 4 common LASIK myths debunked:

  1. It’s expensive

The average cost for LASIK eye surgery in Arizona is approximately $3,500, which is far more economical than the monthly expenses on contact lenses and solutions or on glass every few years.

  1. It’s a long process

It takes only about 15 minutes for LASIK surgery to reshape and correct both of your eyes with cool laser beams. There are no extra sessions required, and you’ll be able to get back to your routine life in just a matter of hours.

  1. It’s painful

The surgery is performed after your eyes are anaesthetized with eye-drops. This makes the surgery easy and painless. There can be minor sensitivity for a few hours but that’s just your eyes adjusting to their newer vision, but there is never any distress or discomfort.

  1. It’s not safe

With rapid technological advancements in the industry, over 99% of LASIK patients have no difficulties with and after the surgery whatsoever.

LASIK surgery is safe, fast, painless and cost-effective, and offers life-changing results. But before you make your mind about it, consult a professional eye care in Mesa, Arizona and ensure that the surgery is safe for your eyes.


Some of the emergency eye care services that will need immediate attention

If you or any of your loved one has the slightest suspicion that there is an emergency involved in the eyes, it is best to seek emergency eye care services. Remember, time is important. The longer you wait to get your eye problem treated, there is more risk involved. There are many signs when you will need emergency eye care services. If you experience eye pain in either or both eyes, partial or complete loss of vision, sudden sensitivity to light, the sudden appearance of floaters, double vision, swelling, flashes of light or bleeding in the eye.

family eye doctors in Arizona
family eye doctors in Arizona

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive and vulnerable organs. And if you notice any of the above issues or any other type of eye problem, you should not try to deal with them on your own. You should take help of one of the leading eye doctors in Phoenix AZ to perform any kind of emergency procedure involving your eyes.  It is also recommended to consult an eye specialist if there is chemical injury or redness in the eye. The goal of emergency eye care services is twofold. One is to resolve the issue and the other is to provide you pain relief.

You should make sure the specialist you are selecting for resolving your emergency eye issue is qualified and experienced. You can take help of online resources to shortlist few of them and call them personally to discuss your problems.

What is the best way to treat dry eyes?

Dry eye is a condition where there is lack of enough lubrication on the surface of the eyes. If you have this problem, you can have minor irritation in the eye or may be unable to wear contact lenses. You can also have eye infections and corneal inflammation.  It is recommended to consult one of the best family eye doctors in Mesa AZ to get this issue treated as soon as possible.

The common symptoms of dry eye include persistent dryness and burning sensation. These signs can be sufficient for eye doctors in Phoenix AZ to diagnose whether you have this problem or not. Some people also experience a sensation of some foreign body sensation in the eye. And sometimes dry eyes can also cause watery eyes.


eye care


Dry eyes can occur due to several reasons.  The main reason is the tear glands that moisturize the eyes do not produce sufficient tears.  It can also occur as a part of the natural aging process. It is more common among women over the age of 40. It can also occur as a result of many medications and dry dusty and windy climate. The eye doctors in Phoenix AZ are perfect to suggest the right solution that may ease the dry, scratchy feeling and foreign body sensation. Your eye practitioner will know which medicines are effective and long lasting and which are not, and which eye drops will be effective for your case. You can also reduce the effect by wearing sunglasses when you are outdoors. This will help in reducing the effects of sun, wind and dust.

Have you visited your eye doctor for an eye examination?

No matter what is your age, you need a regular eye examination, and even young children need these examinations regularly. Regular eye examinations will help you protect your sight and let you see everything at the best.  They also help to detect different eye disorders and diseases like glaucoma and cataract. It is also important to spot any kind of eye problem early so they can be treated at any early stage.

family eye doctors in Arizona
family eye doctors in Arizona

Consult a professional eye doctor who provides exceptional eye care in Mesa Arizona for your eye examination. The eye expert will discuss about your personal and family medical history and may ask you if you are experiencing any problem. They may conduct a number of vision tests to see if you are suffering from any kind of vision problems like astigmatism, presbyopia or nearsightedness.  The eye pressure and optic nerve tests can be conducted to check glaucoma.

Apart from examining your eyes, the eye doctor can also provide you emergency eye care services. The eye expert can also provide you few simple lifestyle tips that can help enhance the eye care. You can be told to avoid smoking completely and limit the consumption of alcohol.  You will also be recommended to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes in extreme glares. You will be asked to keep blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol under control and eat nutritious food items rich in vitamin A. There are some raw vegetables that are rich sources of Vitamin A. They help in eye care a lot.

Here’s what you should know about laser eye surgery

Laser treatment has long stood as the uncontested champion in the field of vision correction. It’s an excellent alternative for people who want to ditch their glasses or contact lenses. Ever since it was prefaced, it has been shrouded with a number of misconceptions. However, those misconceptions don’t seem to hold their grounds when you take into account the records of people who have undergone a laser eye surgery in Phoenix. Throughout the world, millions of people have had their vision corrected with a laser surgery – and its positive outcomes vouch for that.

Despite its proven effectiveness, though, there are still some questions that linger around people’s mind before considering a laser eye surgery. Questions such as:

Laser eye surgery in Phoenix

How does it work?

Laser eye surgery works by smoothly reshaping the cornea by means of a laser.

Is it safe?

Laser eye surgeries have been recognized by the FDA to be absolutely safe. The surgeon has total control over the laser, which is why it can also be turned off at any moment. This effectively eliminates the uncertainties of anything bad occurring during the surgery.

Does it hurt?

Contrary to yet another misconception, laser eye surgery isn’t painful. The surgeon would put anesthetic drops in your eyes before commencing the operation.

Am I eligible?

This is the question that an Arizona eye specialist would be able to answer the best. With their expertise, they know how well your eyes can adjust to the treatment. Your surgery will commence only after ensuring that your eyes won’t contract any infection post-surgery.


Comprehensive eye examination to check eye problems

If you really care for your eyes, then you will feel like everything is a reason to visit your eye doctor.  You might have observed that many skip out their regular eye examination due to any reasons. But mainly people skip either because they are afraid to visit their doctor or they have a very busy schedule. But the family eye doctors in Mesa AZ suggest that one should be regular in their eye examination sessions. This will help them know whether their eyes are in healthy condition or not. The eye examinations are not just for poor vision.  They are excellent ways to detect if there is any eye problem.

Eye doctors in phoenix AZ
Eye doctors in phoenix AZ

The eye doctors in Phoenix AZ, conduct a series of tests to find out whether or not you need glasses, the pressure of your eye, a full eye exam, and glaucoma which involves dilating the eye and peaking around inside the eyeball. You should get the eye examination done every two years, But there are a few eye conditions that require the attention of an eye doctor immediately.  If you have a regular headache, you should get your eyes checked in order to find out what is the main cause. Another reason to visit an eye doctor is any kind of infection. Any signs of eye infection including redness in eye, pain in the eye, sensitivity to light and blurred vision needs the attention of an eye doctor.

Taking good care of eyes will enhance your overall health

It is vital to take care of your eyes as poor vision can make it harder to do routine work such as reading, driving or cooking. But the good news is most of the eye problems can be treated if caught early. You should get in touch with one of the family eye doctors in Mesa AZ to get a comprehensive eye examination done.  The eye doctor will examine your eyes for signs of vision problems or eye diseases. It is the best way to find out if you need glasses or contact lens. The doctor will also let you know if you are in the early stages of a serious but treatable eye disease.

Eye care mesa Arizona
Eye care mesa Arizona

Taking take of your eyes will also benefit your overall health. People with poor vision are more likely to have problems like diabetes, poor hearing, and high blood pressure, increased rate of falls, injury and depression. So, you should visit an eye care professional for eye care in Mesa Arizona frequently for an eye check-up.

You should also visit your eye doctor immediately if you have decreased vision, eye pain, redness in the eye, double vision or you see flashes of light, floaters or circles around the light sources. Make sure you check the credentials and the experience of the eye specialist so that you get the right treatment.

Want to get rid of your glasses? Laser eye surgery is the way to go

For people who have been wearing glasses their entire lives, being able to see clearly without them may seem like a dream. However, with the recent advancements in the medical field, that dream has now become a reality. Technologies such as laser eye surgery can seem intimidating at first but offer a number of benefits for people who undergo the procedure.

Emergency eye care AZ
Emergency eye care AZ

If you are thinking about a laser surgery, you can consult an Arizona eye specialist and measure some of the aspects of the procedure in order to make an informed decision.


Studies have established that laser eye surgery has a very remarkable success rate. Estimates say that more than 90% of those who underwent the procedure fixed their vision dramatically, while more than 80% returned to having a perfect vision. With laser eye surgery, your vision is permanently improved or corrected within 24 hours from the treatment. Since the procedure involves laser and no blades, you don’t even have to worry about stitches and awkward bandages while recovering.

Laser eye surgery can give you the privilege of enjoying life without the trouble of wearing contacts or glasses. If you want to understand more about the procedure, you can schedule an appointment at a laser eye center in Arizona. With their professional guidance, you would thoroughly understand the procedure so that you can undergo the surgery without having a hunch in your mind.

Top 3 traits of a good eye doctor

Vision difficulties can limit a person’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Fortunately, there are some family eye doctors in Mesa AZ who have the expertise and awareness to treat people with sight problems.

eye doctors in Phoenix AZ

But, considering the complexity of their profession, how can one be confident of the quality of services an eye doctor provides? Every eye doctor should have some traits to ensure that they’re competent at what they do. Here are the three most important qualities they should possess;

Excellent communication skills

Since eye doctors in Phoenix AZ have to examine and treat their patients up close, they should have an open line of communication to assure patients that they’re confident and sympathetic to their vision difficulties. A gracious approach encourages the patient to follow the treatment better.

Attention to detail

Being mindful and accurate throughout the treatment is very important for eye doctors. Even the slightest error can cause severe harm to the sight of the patient, and possibly ruin the career of the doctor.

Good ethical standards

A good eye doctor should comply with the ethical standards while treating a patient. Working within already established standards promote better health care as it reduces the possibility of errors from the doctor’s end.

Eye doctors in Phoenix AZ who has the above-mentioned traits are more likely to be successful in their diagnosis and treatment of vision difficulties. They help in promoting a clearer vision and hence improve the quality of life altogether.

What are the main Lasik eye surgery requirements?

Each year, thousands of people benefit from Lasik eye surgery in Arizona.  This surgery is a successful treatment option for people who are looking to gain freedom from glasses and contact lenses. The procedure involves using a laser to reshape the cornea to permit light entering the eye to be properly focused on the retina.

Emergency eye care
Emergency eye care AZ

Although the Lasik eye surgery in Arizona is for many people, there are a few criteria you will need to meet in order to be the eligible candidate for this surgery. Your prescription must be within the required range and your cornea should not be very thin.  There is a high risk of the procedure being unsuccessful for individuals who have thin corneas. A person looking forward to this eye surgery should have healthy eyes without a history of glaucoma or cataract. Also, if the pupils are too large, there can be an increased risk of side effects such as seeing halos or experiencing glare in low light conditions. You must meet the minimum age requirements and must be in good general health.

People in large number choose Lasik eye surgery in Arizona as it is a proven and reliable way of correcting vision.  It hardly takes a couple of minutes to complete the procedure and is associated with little pain.  The recovery period is short and you will find that vision improves almost immediately.

Visit a reliable eye care center for your Lasik eye surgery needs. You will also get emergency eye care at good eye care center.

Do not wait to have your eyes examined if there is an eye emergency?

The eye doctors in Phoenix AZ always recommend people to get their eyes examined from time to time because certain eye symptoms can indicate the need for emergency eye care services.

The following symptoms may indicate an emergency requiring immediate medical attention.

Emergency eye care
Emergency eye care

Sudden loss of vision – A sudden loss of vision is an emergency situation and needs the attention of an eye doctor immediately. This problem can arise due to many factors including a retinal detachment.

Foreign particle in the eye – A foreign body can be anything, ranging from a small grain of sand to any metal particle. If you get something stuck in your eye, do not rub your eyes in an attempt to remove it.

Pain in the eye – Your eyes are not supposed to hurt.  Unlike other areas of the body where the intermittent pain is somewhat normal, you should not experience pain in your eyes.  You should go for emergency eye care services if you experience an eye pain.

Chemical burn – According to eye doctors in Phoenix Arizona, they see patients with chemical burns in their eye fairly often. These things may include things like household cleaners that have the potential to damage your eye.

Flashes – While you will find many people experiencing floaters or flashes at some point in life, but a sudden increase in it will need the attention of an eye doctor.

There can be many more eye situations that will need the attention of an emergency eye care service. If you feel you need these services, contact your eye care specialist as soon as possible.


Contact your eye doctor immediately in case of an eye emergency

People generally visit their eye doctor when they have any serious type of eye problem or an eye emergency. But according to eye doctors in Phoenix, you should visit your eye care specialist every one to three years for a comprehensive eye checkup. However, adults over the age of 61 should visit annually regardless of whether they wear lenses or have any other risk factors.

During an eye checkup, the family doctors in Arizona conduct a series of tests to detect any changes to your vision and discover any potential eye condition that could be developing. Early detection of an eye problem is the answer to limiting the effects of an eye disease or condition that may worsen gradually.

family doctors in mesa az
family eye doctors in Arizona

In some scenarios, even with proper comprehensive eye examinations, eye emergencies can occur.  In such conditions too, you will need the assistance of one of the most highly experienced eye doctors in Phoenix. You may need emergency eye care if you experience sudden blurred vision, dark spots in the center of the vision, flashes of light, halos around light, loss of peripheral vision, eye injury or pain, or sudden disappearance of vision in one or both eyes.  If you do not get these conditions treated on time, you may face many more issues. So, you need to act immediately and search for family eye doctors in Arizona. Once you have the list, you can research more to choose the most experienced one among them.