Emergency eye care services for potential eye injuries

There are many eye injuries that will need the attention of emergency eye care to prevent permanent eye damage resulting in loss of vision. The eye injuries that will require immediate attention include deep puncture wounds from accidents, severe pain in the eye, light sensitivity, blurry vision and foreign body sensation. On the other hand, minor problems such as scratches may require simple monitoring after the first visit to the doctor to ensure any complication such as eye infection or any other complication does not occur lately.

Here we will discuss a few eye injuries that will require emergency eye care services.

Foreign particles in the eye

You need to visit an emergency eye care doctor immediately if a foreign object such as metal or fish hook penetrates your eye. You could cause even more injury to your eye if you try to remove the object yourself or rub your eye. According to family doctors in Mesa, AZ and eye doctors, metal particles quickly form a rust ring and a scar. So visit your eye doctor immediately to get the foreign body removed as soon as possible.

Emergency eye care

Chemical burns or caustic foreign substance in the eye

Getting unexpectedly splashed or sprayed in the eye by the caustic foreign substance can be harmful. Many chemical substances can cause severe injury to eye. So you need to act immediately if such kind of critical situation arises.  Acids and alkalis, when sprayed or splashed in the eye, should be addressed immediately. Some alkalis that can harm your eyes are oven cleaners, washroom cleaners, and chalk dust. If you know your eye is at risk because it is extraordinarily red, then just go to your emergency eye doctor immediately because depending on the substance, the effect of chemical exposure can cause eye injury ranging from minor irritation and red eyes to serious eye damage and even blindness.

Corneal abrasion

A corneal abrasion occurs when something is poked into the eye or rubbing the eye when a foreign body is present.  This kind of eye problem is very uncomfortable and causes eye redness and severe sensitivity to light. If you observe something has scratched your eye, it is important to seek the help of emergency eye care center to take treatment for your eye injury.

There are many more eye injuries that will seek the emergency attention of an eye doctor. You should treat all eye injuries as potential emergencies. You can take help of family doctors in Mesa AZ to help you locate a professional eye doctor in Mesa, AZ.

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