Dry Eye – A Common Eye Condition

Dry eye is a common eye condition that occurs when the eyes are insufficiently moisturized leading to itching, reddishness and pain from dry marks on the surface of the eye. The eye becomes dry and irritated because tear ducts do not produce enough tears or because tears themselves have a chemical imbalance. Patients who suffer from this eye situation often experience annoying symptoms and can suffer from mores serious vision damage if this condition is left untreated. So it is important for patients to take special care in order to alleviate symptoms and prevent complications. You should consult one of the best eye doctors in Phoenix AZ to diagnose dry eye after a thorough evaluation of your eye.

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The treatment of dry eyes depends on the cause and severity of the condition as well as on the overall health of the individual. According to the eye doctors in Phoenix in AZ, non-surgical treatments are often effective. Use of artificial tears, moisturizing ointment, and blinking exercises are effective. Eye drops are also available to increase tear production. If all these methods fail, small punctual plugs may be inserted in the corners of the eyes to limit tear drainage. The eye doctors also suggest an eyelid surgery if an eyelid condition is causing your dry eyes.

You should choose a professional eye doctor for your dry eye treatment. You can rely on family doctors in Mesa AZ to help you choose a well-qualified eye doctor for your treatment.

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