Top Lasik eye surgery recovery questions

According to a veteran eye specialist, Lasik eye surgery in Arizona is an extremely safe procedure for treating various eye problems. It provides suitable patients with clearer vision and an improved quality of life. A patient undergoing this surgery has many questions in mind. For example – How long does the surgery takes? What is the recovery time after the Lasik eye surgery?

Here we will discuss a few common things Lasik patients may experience during their Lasik eye surgery period.

 Lasik eye surgery in Arizona

General uneasiness and mild pain

It has been observed almost every candidate experiences some level of burning, tearing and sensitivity during the recovery period after Lasik eye surgery in Arizona. Once the surgery is completed, you will experience mild pain or discomfort only for 2 to 4 hours. You will feel like having something in your eye. You should take a long nap once you return home after the surgery. The Arizona eye specialists always advise their patients not to rub eyes after the surgery as this may dislodge your corneal flap.

Redness in eye

Many people experience some redness during the recovery period. Don’t panic if you see dark red spots on the whites of your eyes for several days. Just like bruising, it will also take a few days or weeks to disappear.

Use artificial tears or prescribed eye drops

A common post eye surgery is ocular dryness which nearly 50% of patients experience. Like other symptoms, this also lasts for only a few days after the eye surgery. Your Arizona eye specialist will prescribe you with eye drops to reduce discomfort. He will also prescribe you eye drops to prevent inflammation and infection.

What should you avoid?

You should avoid dust, smoke, garden work and eye-makeup after your Lasik eye surgery. You should also keep away from soap and water, do not swim, use a hot tub or submerge your head in water. Your eyes will remain dry for first few weeks. And if you use computer, this can exaggerate this feeling. Therefore it is highly recommended to take frequent breaks while you are at work and lubricate your eyes with prescribed eye drop when you feel your eyes have become dry.


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