Is Lasik right for you?

According to  eye doctors in Phoenix AZ, Lasik eye surgery is not for every individual. There are a few criteria that will help you find whether you are a right candidate for Lasik eye surgery or not.

The first thing your eye specialist will see is whether your eyes are healthy or not. If you have an issue that can affect how your eyes react to surgery or heal afterward, you should wait until the issue is completed resolved. For example, eye problems such as cataracts and uncontrolled glaucoma may prohibit you completely from going for a Lasik eye surgery in Arizona. You can qualify for this surgery only when you are 18 years and above. Younger patients can be treated sometimes as an exception but that is completely on the decision of the eye surgeon.

Laser eye center arizona

According to surgeons, pregnant ladies are not the right candidate for Lasik eye surgery. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause swelling in your corneas, changing your vision. Dry eyes are also a common problem during pregnancy. Also, the use of medication during Lasik eye surgery in Arizona may be risky for your baby whether unborn or nursing. So if you are pregnant, you should wait for a few months after your baby is born and then go for the Lasik eye surgery.

Individuals who are suffering from certain general and autoimmune disease are also disqualifiers of Lasik eye surgery in Arizona. For examples, individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, HIV, and AIDS cannot go for this eye surgery. This is because the corneas may not heal properly after the surgery if your body has any problem with healing.

It is best to consult a professional eye surgeon if you are choosing Lasik eye surgery in Arizona for treating your eye problem.  The specialist will let you know whether you are the right candidate or not. And if a problem arises during or after the procedure, the surgeon will work closely with you to resolve the problem.

Choosing a good eye surgeon for Lasik surgery is also important. You should do a good research about the eye surgeons in your locality before making the final choice. Visit their websites to know what all treatments they provide and what their credibility in the market is.  Once you have visited a few websites, narrow down your search to 5 to 6 companies. Contact them personally to discuss your needs and then make a final call.

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