Some eye care mistakes you need to stop right now

Eyes are one of the most precious body parts on which we rely right from the moment we wake up until the time we switch off the lights, and sometimes even after it. But, do we really give our eyes the proper care and attention they need and deserve. Do you really give your eyes the care they require?

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Fortunately, most of the common and everyday eye problems disappear on their own without any proper treatment. Itching, dryness, excessive watering of the eye, redness, etc. are some of the most common eye problems faced by every individual at one or other time. However, there are several cases where a minor eye problem transforms into a severe or major eye issue, potentially complete blindness. So, it is always advised to contact one of the best eye doctors in phoenix AZ as soon as you experience a very minor eye problem.

Also, here are some eye care mistakes you have been making out for quite a while

  • Sleeping in contact lenses – Sleeping while wearing your contact lenses is a big mistake most of the people commit. Although, you can wear contact lenses for the whole day and even take up 15-20 min nap, but don’t even think of sleeping in contact lenses. By doing this you deprive your corneas of oxygen which results in infection and encourages bacteria to grow.
  • Excessive touching and rubbing your eyes- Many a time your eyes itch and you have to rub them. But ensure to keep the lid close and its best to touch the outside of the eye. Too much rubbing and touching of eyes can lead to broken blood vessels and inflammation. Also, if you constantly keep touching your eyes, there are possibilities of transmitting dirt particles and germs into your eyes.
  • Using expired lenses, drops, solutions, etc. – You should pay a close attention to the solutions, prescribed drops, and lenses you use. All of them have an expiry date which needs your attention. It is necessary to make sure every ingredient used in a solution or drop is still doing its job.
  • Relying on various non-prescribed eye drops- Many people use redness reducing and itching reducing drops without even consulting any eye care specialist. No doubt these chemicals and drops give you relief instantly but in a long run, they can even make your problem worse. It is advised to consult an eye doctor in Phoenix AZ.
  • Not consulting your family doctor- There are hundreds of family doctors in Mesa AZ. You must visit your family doctor every year even if your eyesight or vision is 20/20. Concerning an eye doctor is not always just about vision or eyesight; it is about getting overall eye checkup.

At the end, eyes are also the most susceptible part of a human body and it is always best to consult an eye care specialist before applying any solution or drop to it. Proper eye care is the key to a perfect and focused eye sight.

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