Unmatched advantages for choosing Lasik eye surgery in Arizona

Wondering whether you should go for Lasik eye surgery in Arizona or not?  The below listed information will help you make the right decision.

Lasik is a type of refractive surgery that corrects visual issues by reshaping the cornea with a laser. During the surgery, the eye surgeon creates a small flap in the outer layer of the cornea with a small blade. Once  the flap is created, the cornea is reshaped with the Excimer Laser.

advantages for choosing Lasik eye surgery in Arizona

According to family doctors in Mesa AZ, Lasik is both safe and effective. The results are immediate, most of the patients experience improved eyesight just within few hours of the surgery. The flap created to reshape the cornea heals quickly without any suture or bandages.  Studies have shown that individuals who received Lasik eye surgery in Arizona have experienced improved vision.  This refractive surgery is permanent. Generally, there is no need of any more procedures once you have been treated with Lasik. Healing time will vary from person to person but the average time for complete healing and improved vision is about 3 months. When you choose Lasik eye surgery in Arizona, it means you are free from the hassle of wearing contacts or eyeglasses.

After reading the above post, you will definitely choose Lasik eye surgery to improve your eye sight.




Lasik eye surgery for the most precise vision possible

If you are one among those who suffer from myopia, farsightedness or astigmatism, you will know or experience what impact vision imperfection can have on your life. Although you can use glasses and contacts for clear vision but they can be irritating to wear or can be easily lost or damaged. Also wearing them can prevent you from doing things you love – for example, playing sports, swimming, driving or pursuing a career in armed forces or aviation industry.  But you can waive goodbye to all these problems by choosing Lasik eye surgery in Arizona.


Lasik eye surgery is a popular refractive procedure designed for patients who suffer from moderate levels of common eyesight problems. When conducting Lasik procedure, the eye doctors in phoenix AZ use a highly focused laser to create a tiny flap in the cornea. Then, the eye surgeon crafts the shape of the cornea using the laser, with the aim of correcting the problem in the eye. Lasik is considered a highly safe and effective procedure.  It is fast, safe and virtually painless. These surgeries have an exceptional track record of safety and success.

Contact one of the best eye doctors in Phoenix AZ if you want to know more about Lasik eye surgery.

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Why should you care for your eyes?

According to highly-qualified and experienced eye doctors in Phoenix in AZ, a complete eye examination enhances the total quality of your life. When you will visit for a comprehensive eye examination, your doctor will conduct a series of tests.

The first thing is taking a very good case history, finding out what is your main complaint — why you need an examination of your eye. Next will be the entrance test, which will consist of visual acuity measurements. This will include having you read letters from an eye chart on the wall, and sentences from a hand-held sheet. And that too, with and without glasses or contact lenses. Once the entrance test is completed, your eye care professional will start with the next step. Your retina, eye muscle movements, pupils, and eye motility and overall health of your eye will be examined.

Family doctors in mesa az

The overall health of eye is examined by the eye doctors in Phoenix AZ with the help of biomicroscope. It is an apparatus with lenses and bright lights that is used to look through in order to see the front, middle and back of the eye. If the necessity arises, the doctor may put drops in the eye to dilate the pupils. This will help in evaluating not only the central part of the retina but also the peripheral part. Once all this is completed, the eye care professional will provide an assessment and a plan based on his or her findings. For example, if required, the patient may be asked to wear glasses or come back for follow-ups or examination and care. The eye doctors in Phoenix AZ recommend eye examination as it helps in identifying early signs of eye problems such as signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts. Early eye examination helps them to advise patients on their findings and what course of action will be taken.

Many professional family doctors in Mesa AZ have good connections with eye doctors in phoenix AZ. You should ask them to recommend you one if you want to go for a comprehensive eye checkup or want to get any eye problem treated. The eye care professionals treat a number of common ocular diseases. Some of them include dry eye syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, eye injuries, and embedded foreign bodies.

So hope you are convinced now why you need a comprehensive eye examination. Visit a professional eye doctor to get it done right away.

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Things to consider prior to Laser eye surgery

There are hundreds of reasons why people undergo or opt for a Laser eye surgery, but there are few things which are constant and apply across the board. Believe me, if you are undergoing a Laser eye surgery and have decided to invest thousands of dollars in your vision correction surgery it is advised to pay attention to the below few points.

Laser eye surgery phoenix

Do you have a stable vision? –It is the most crucial factor to consider prior to going Laser eye surgery in Phoenix.Most people’s eye or eyes settle down till the age of 18 or 20. However, there are also some cases in which eyes continue to change for a longer time or after the 20seconds. It is advised to have a consultation for laser eye surgery and this will help you determine whether you have a stable vision or not.

How much recovery time can you afford? –Different correction procedures have different recovery time. It is an important aspect of tailoring the exact procedure to your eyes. LASIK, for instance, is one of the most popular eye surgery procedure which offers clear vision within 24 hours of the procedure.

Is your eye healthy? – Usually, this is not considered in the case of Laser eye surgery but there are several important considerations involved.For instance,this is usually considered in the case of corneal procedures including LASIK, ASLA, etc.

Lastly, is advised to consult one or two professional and experienced eye care in Mesa Arizona prior to undergoing a Laser eye surgery.

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What is a comprehensive eye examination?

A comprehensive eye examination performed by the Arizona eye specialist is an important part of preventive healthcare. This examination can detect eye diseases and disorders such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal detachment.

An eye specialist may conduct many tests during eye examination process depending upon the individualEmergency eye care patient’s presenting signs and symptoms. Whether a testing should be done or not will also depend on the professional judgment of the eye specialist. In case, anything is found critical there can be a need of emergency eye care.

Following are the list of tests that may be suggested by an Arizona eye specialist:

  • A case history including the past and present vision and medical issues as well as detailed family history
  • A research of the patient’s visual needs
  • Measurement of the visual acuity of each eye, individually and together, with and without corrective lenses at distance and near
  • Diagnosis of the focusing power of the eye based on the combination of objective and subjective techniques
  • Color vision evaluation, binocular vision assessment
  • Screening of glaucoma, testing eye pressure, looking within the eye at the retina and optic nerve. It can also be performing peripheral vision tests
  • Addition testing may be required on the results of previous tests in order to confirm or rule out possible problems.
  • Suggestions for future eye care based on the history of eye health and the results of the examination
  • A final assessment of the eye includes the suggestion of Arizona eye specialist’s professional knowledge, experience and judgment.

There can be much more things that your eye specialist will suggest during a comprehensive eye examination. While checking your vision history, your eye specialist will find out how well you can see at present, including any recent changes in your vision. Any other eye problems that you or your family members have had including glaucoma and macular degeneration and previous eye treatments and surgeries. The Arizona eye specialist will ask when you had your last eye examination done, how your general health is, and what medications you are taking.

A comprehensive eye examination is an important eye examination. So it is recommended to consult a professional Arizona eye specialist to get this examination done. You should take help of the Internet to find a knowledgeable and experienced eye doctor in Arizona. He can also help you if you need emergency eye care services.

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What temporary effects you may have after a laser eye surgery?

A common question that patients ask before going for a laser eye surgery in Phoenix – Are all eye surgeons trained enough to do laser surgery?  The answer is simple. No, because all eye surgeons do not have the same training or experience. It is recommended to investigate more about the prospective surgeon’s experience and skills.

Family doctors in mesa az

Many patients also want to know whether laser eye surgery hurts or not. The answer is no, not usually. The laser eye surgery in Phoenix is painless for most people. You will be given very effective anesthetic drops before the surgery. And during the surgery, you may feel a sense of pressure. After the eye surgery, many people experience some light sensitivity, little irritation in the eyes, and watering in the eyes. These effects are quite common but they are temporary.  The extent of discomfort may vary with the type of procedure that you undergo depending upon the eye problem you have.  And this will be discussed when you meet your eye surgeon for the consultation.

If you are a looking for a reliable eye surgeon, you should take advice from the family doctors in Mesa AZ. They can provide you the list of best eye surgeons in Phoenix.

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When do you need to think about an eye surgery?

The health of your eye is an integral part of your overall health. Getting a regular eye checkup done once a year by a knowledgeable and experienced eye doctor in Mesa AZ is a must for you. Even children should go for vision exams regularly as children’s eyes change rapidly during their growing years. Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or any other eye condition, your overall eye condition will determine if you are a good candidate for an eye surgery or not.

Eye doctor mesa az

You may be curious to know what eye surgeries are performed at a Laser eye center in Arizona. You can be a good candidate for an eye surgery at an eye care center if you want to correct vision caused by myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism.  You can also choose an eye surgery to remove visual obstructions such as cataracts or to repair eyelids that drop due to ptosis.  Many individuals also take the assistance of an eye doctor in Mesa AZ to find out if they are suffering from glaucoma or not. If so, they go for eye surgery to reverse discomfort caused by glaucoma.

There can be many more eye disorders that will need immediate attention of a trained eye doctor. Advancements in surgical procedures and laser technology have allowed more and more people to achieve better vision with a high level of confidence.

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Glaucoma, its causes, and its symptoms

A very common eye problem that eye doctors in Phoenix AZ treat is Glaucoma. It is a condition that can affect sight mainly due to the buildup of pressure within the eye. It is a leading cause of blindness in the world, generally among elderly. The early detection and treatment by an expert eye doctor is highly recommended to prevent optic nerve damage and vision loss from this eye disease.

Main causes of glaucoma

In the eye, the aqueous humor is produced at a constant rate by the ciliary body which circulates through the anterior chamber and then flows out of the eye at the same rate through the drainage angle. This balanced state of aqueous humor keeps the pressure in the eye constant. However, if the pressure of the eye decreases due to blockage of the drainage angle, the continual influx of aqueous humor will cause the pressure inside the eye to increase potentially causing damage to the optic nerve.

Emergency eye care

Different types of glaucoma

Open-angle glaucoma – Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form of glaucoma. The “open” drainage angle of the eye can become blocked due the gradual increased eye pressure. This increased pressure results in optic nerve damage causing chronic open-angle glaucoma.

Angle-closure glaucoma – Angle-closure glaucoma results when the drainage angle of the eye narrows and becomes completely blocked. The iris may close off the drainage angle and cause a dangerously high eye pressure. When the drainage angle gets completely blocked, pressure builds up rapidly, and this results in acute-closure glaucoma.

Warning signs

The following signs are the main indications of glaucoma that indicates you need a thorough examination of one of the most professional eye doctors in phoenix AZ. They are:

  • Complexity in focusing near and distant object
  • Double vision, dry eyes with itching
  • Excessive watery eyes, recurrent pain in or around the eyes
  • Dark spots at the center of viewing
  • Color change in iris, trouble having adjusting to dark rooms
  • And more

Many other serious symptoms like sudden loss of vision in one eye, blurred vision, flashes of lights or black spots will need the attention of family doctors in Mesa AZ. All the symptoms listed above may not necessarily mean you have glaucoma. But in case you experience any one or more of these symptoms, you should contact your eye doctor as soon as possible for a complete examination. The most important risk factors responsible for this eye problem include age, elevated eye pressure, a thin cornea, past injuries to eyes, or a family history of glaucoma. Your eye doctor in phoenix AZ will consider these factors to determine your risk of developing this eye disease.

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How to take care of your Emergency Eye Care needs?

There are many eye doctors in Phoenix AZ who provide emergency eye care services.  Symptoms of eye emergencies include pain, redness, sudden loss of vision, and any injury in the eyes. You need to go to an eye doctor for emergency eye care services also when you have any eye infection, abrasions, burns, eyelid lumps, allergies or any eye inflammatory conditions.

Eye doctors in phoenix AZ


It is important to get treated by the most veteran eye doctor in case you have any emergency eye problem. You should visit an eye care center where care is their number one priority. You will get highest quality care and professional treatment if you choose a good eye care center. The doctors will use all latest technologies to provide you the best treatment ever.

Before you consult one of the best  eye doctors in Phoenix AZ , it is important to know whether the doctor is qualified and experienced enough to treat you or not. You should visit the website of the doctor or the eye care center where you want to get the eye treatment done. You will come to know about the doctors and their way of treating patients. You can read their testimonies to find out the level of treatment they provide. If you do this prior to availing the treatment of an eye doctor, you will definitely end up consulting a professional, well-qualified and experienced eye doctor.

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Emergency eye care services for potential eye injuries

There are many eye injuries that will need the attention of emergency eye care to prevent permanent eye damage resulting in loss of vision. The eye injuries that will require immediate attention include deep puncture wounds from accidents, severe pain in the eye, light sensitivity, blurry vision and foreign body sensation. On the other hand, minor problems such as scratches may require simple monitoring after the first visit to the doctor to ensure any complication such as eye infection or any other complication does not occur lately.

Here we will discuss a few eye injuries that will require emergency eye care services.

Foreign particles in the eye

You need to visit an emergency eye care doctor immediately if a foreign object such as metal or fish hook penetrates your eye. You could cause even more injury to your eye if you try to remove the object yourself or rub your eye. According to family doctors in Mesa, AZ and eye doctors, metal particles quickly form a rust ring and a scar. So visit your eye doctor immediately to get the foreign body removed as soon as possible.

Emergency eye care

Chemical burns or caustic foreign substance in the eye

Getting unexpectedly splashed or sprayed in the eye by the caustic foreign substance can be harmful. Many chemical substances can cause severe injury to eye. So you need to act immediately if such kind of critical situation arises.  Acids and alkalis, when sprayed or splashed in the eye, should be addressed immediately. Some alkalis that can harm your eyes are oven cleaners, washroom cleaners, and chalk dust. If you know your eye is at risk because it is extraordinarily red, then just go to your emergency eye doctor immediately because depending on the substance, the effect of chemical exposure can cause eye injury ranging from minor irritation and red eyes to serious eye damage and even blindness.

Corneal abrasion

A corneal abrasion occurs when something is poked into the eye or rubbing the eye when a foreign body is present.  This kind of eye problem is very uncomfortable and causes eye redness and severe sensitivity to light. If you observe something has scratched your eye, it is important to seek the help of emergency eye care center to take treatment for your eye injury.

There are many more eye injuries that will seek the emergency attention of an eye doctor. You should treat all eye injuries as potential emergencies. You can take help of family doctors in Mesa AZ to help you locate a professional eye doctor in Mesa, AZ.

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